January 6, 1999: Wanda Chajewska's (daughter of Jozef Pieniazek) 80th birthday celebration in Warsaw attended by the four generations of her family.

In the center: Wanda Chajewska and her husband Feliks.  On the left - Wanda's daughter Agnieszka Zembowicz.  On the right - Wanda's son - Adam Chajewski.  Next to Adam stands Janusz Zembowicz, Agnieszka's husband.  Behind Agnieszka stands Michal, her older son.  Next to Michal, his wife Dorota holds their son Jan.  Maciek, the younger son of Agnieszka,  stands to the right of Feliks just by the Christmas tree.  His wife Dorota stands in front of him.  Maciek holds their daughter Joanna.