Pieniazeks' Reunion for the Millennium in London


 “From the Piast to Millennium Reunion” of Families of Pieniazeks took place at POSK, Polish Cultural Centre in London, England, UK, on 22nd and 23rd July 2000.

In order to establish contacts, preparatory works involved direct correspondence, e-mail, fax, references to Internet, Coats of Arms, World Who’s Who and similar sources. In conclusion it was established that the largest gathering of Pieniazeks are in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France and less in Australia, South Africa or Switzerland.

On Saturday 22nd of July – the participants from the UK, USA and Switzerland, gathered for a tea at the POSK Club, and, after an introduction, discussed the numerous, in thousands, diaspora of Pieniazek Families all over the world; family roots; and kinship with other families.

On Sunday 23rd of July – at the dinner in Lowiczanka Restaurant in POSK, participants already well acquainted, dwelled into the various sagas of Pieniazeks over the Millenium.

Of course, stories of failures and achievements had no end. But, appropriately, the following are noted.
After a dinner speech, glasses were raised for the traditional Polish “Sto Lat” drink, and greeting from France, Germany, USA, Wales and Poland, read out.

Next, Norman and Danka from the USA, Initiators, Owners, and Webmasters of the Pieniazek Website (http://www.pieniazek.com), explained the procedure how families and individuals can register. Pieniazeks on the Internet have been for a few years, to which access is now ready available due to new technology.
Krysia, born in England, described her trip to Poland in search of “Pieniazek’s Roots”. Benjamin, whose mother is Welsh, was fascinated by family bonds and colourful and symbolical Coasts of Arms, Iwona, from Switzerland, gave a few tip for the Website. Stach from Wimbledon, London, in his jovial manner, made a speech and thus the Family spirit prevailed.

After a delicious Polish dinner, served with a traditional Polish hospitality, discussions continued. Coffees and drinks were served and the resident trio played Polish and Hungarian music. Some participants even danced. But alas! It was getting towards midnight. Cheerful participants parted with greetings and promises to meet at the Binary Reunion in Warsaw.

Jozef B. Pieniazek (London)