Searching for Family Roots

     On September 9, 1999 – Danuta, Norman, and Slawomir Pieniazek and on September 21 – Wanda and Feliks Chajewscy with Norman and Slawomir Pieniazek visited the village of Gorzno, Garwolin County (powiat), Mazowsze Province (wojewodztwo mazowieckie) in Poland searching for the roots of the Pieniazek Family.  Gorzno is located about 60 kilometers (40 miles) southeast of Warsaw on the Lublin Highway.  Jozef Pieniazek, son of Adam and father of Wanda Chajewska (born Pieniazek) was born in Gorzno. Jozef Pieniazek was the grandfather of Norman and Slawomir Pieniazek. Jozef’s father and Jozef’s grandfather Karol both were born in Gorzno.
     The genealogists visited the Gorzno parish, met with Pieniazeks that live in Gorzno, visited the ruins of the manor house of the Wilkonski family, former owners of Gorzno, and documented Pieniazek graves on two Gorzno cemeteries. We met with two priests, the retired Canon Dr. Wladyslaw Zwierz and the current Parson of Gorzno Parish, The Reverend Eugeniusz Rola and received a lot of help from them. We found plenty of information in the parish baptism/birth, marriage, and death records. It will take us a long time to process all this information. So far, we have entered exact dates of birth of all children of Karol Pieniazek. We found the name of his wife – Apolonija Lis. On the Polish version of the Pieniazek genealogy Web site, we have entered the text of the original 1862 marriage certificate of Adam Pieniazek with Helena Zegadlo (her last name was also spelled Zygadlo in some documents). In the near future, we will post photographs from this trip.
     Certainly, this was not our last trip to Gorzno. Next time, we will need to bring scanning, copying, and voice recording equipment, because we would like to preserve the original entries in the Gorzno parish books as well as stories told by the Gorzno Pieniazeks. Even though we (Norman and Slawomir) are linked to the Gorzno Pieniazeks through brothers of our great-grandfather Adam or brothers of our great-great-grandfather Karol, we felt just like at home…
Map: Location of Gorzno and Garwolin on the map of the Warsaw region
Map: Location of Gorzno and Garwolin on the map of Poland