CD-ROM: "Six Generations of The Pieniazek Family in Photography"

     We proudly announce the release of a CD-ROM entitled "Six Generations of The Pieniazek Family in Photography”.  This CD-ROM contains over 1,500 photographs and documents of the Pieniazek Family and on Windows computers will automatically start a slideshow.  The material for this CD-ROM was collected, scanned, labeled, and recorded by Stanislaw Leszek Pieniazek.  We will continue to add material to this CD-ROM and if you have pictures or documents that you would like us to include on it, please send them through regular mail to Stanislaw Leszek Pieniazek or to Norman J. Pieniazek.  Digital images may be sent through e-mail or on a diskette.  You can find all addresses by accessing the Pieniazek Address List.